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  • A salesman demostrates a stairlift

Excellent quality and
extensive choice for your
mobility equipment

If you suffer from mobility problems, you'll know that the effects can be far worse than most people realise. The idea of having to leave your home simply because the stairs have become difficult is very depressing. But don't worry, there's no need for a costly removal when you can find all of the mobility equipment to make life easy again right here at Dolphin Mobility East Midlands. With over a decade of experience supplying and fitting all leading stairlift and mobility brands, we're here to make your life easier in safety and comfort.

Excellent mobility equipment for
peace of mind and ease around the house!
Call us on 08000 365 744

Versatile stairlifts

Woman using stairlift


A stairlift can make such a difference in your home! Trouble with the stairs becomes nothing but a memory and your day involves a lot less toil. Now we recognise that everyone's home is different, which why we offer a range of straight and curved stairlifts. We supply and install new and reconditioned units to suit your budget. We can even rent stairlifts out to help manage the cost.

Making baths
easy again

A bath lift on display


If getting out of the bath has become an ordeal, we've got the perfect answer for you. Our range of bathlifts are specially designed to make getting in and out of the bath as easy, comfortable and safe as possible. Even if you go away on holiday a lot you don't need to worry: some of our models are lightweight and fully portable - perfect for trips!

Comfortable and
convenient chairs

Display of mobility chairs


Uncomfortable chairs are enough to give us all problems and make any existing problems which we've got worse. Dolphin Mobility offers a comfortable, practical and attractive solution to the problem: our range of static chairs, rise and recline chairs and easy chairs are perfect for all homes. Get in touch today - we offer free on-site surveys and we're approved by Local Authorities.

Make your building accessible

Outdoor steplift on display

Public Access

The Disability Discrimination Act and modern building regulations require you to provide access for disabled people. This doesn't have to be a problem: we can help you make your building accessible and accommodating without lots of problems. Whether it's a stairlift, a vertical lift or a platform stairlift that you need, get in touch with us today.

Keep mobile with
vertical lifts

Woman using vertical lift

Vertical Lifts

If a stair lift isn’t practical, there's still no reason why you should have to leave your home. The freedom of your entire home is as simple as the installation of a vertical lift. This is a safe, smooth way to move between floors, and it doesn't make a tremendous noise either. A vertical lift might look like we'll have to gut half of your house to get it in, but don't worry - there's minimal fuss.

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