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The Many Benefits Of Stair Lifts

For many people, getting up and down the stairs starts to become more and more of a challenge. Injuries and age can result in a decline when it comes to mobility, making the stairs harder to navigate! There are a range of ways in which you can manage your limited mobility within your home. Our blog is here to explore the many benefits of installing a stairlift in your home! To find out more about stairlifts, and some of their alternatives, keep on reading! 

Stairlifts: A Complete Rundown

A women sat on a stair lift

Stairlifts are motorised chairs that travel up and down a staircase at a safe speed. They can come with a variety of different features, making them easy to use and easily accessible for users. Many stairlifts come with a safety belt, swivel chair seat and a remote control. These features help to maintain easy operation, as well as keeping the passenger nice and safe! 

They are a relatively simple piece of machinery, with a rail that attaches to the staircase rewards. A chair is attached to this, which is then mechanically lowered and raised down the rail using electricity. For safety reasons, these chairs don’t move very fast, but still get you up and down the stairs safely. 

Stairlifts can have a huge impact on someone’s life, and can make home life a lot easier! We’ve created a full breakdown of stairlifts, their alternatives, and how they may be able to help you, so that you can make an informed decision! 

Who Might Need A Stairlift? 

There’s no strict set of rules when it comes to who can use a stairlift, but in most cases, they're used for individuals who have trouble climbing stairs, or are completely unable to climb the stairs.

Elderly people are the most common users of stair lifts, and they can be more at risk of falling, or causing themselves more serious injuries.  For those with heart conditions, inflamed joints or other difficulties, a stair lift can often be the safer option! Someone who may benefit from a stair lift might be: 

  • Someone with a history of falls

  • Anyone with muscle weakness

  • Poor balance

  • Someone with visual impairments

Although elderly people commonly use stair lifts, they can be installed into any home where they are needed. 

Types Of Stairlift

There are a wide range of stairlifts out there, but we’ve outlined some of the most common types you might come across: 

  • Straight Stairlift - As the name suggests, straight stairlifts are just that! Straight. These stairlifts are great for single flights of stairs, with no bends or curves. These stairlifts are often the simplest, cheapest and usually the easiest to install. Straight stairlifts are also great for staircases with immediate landings, as this makes them easier to get on and off for the user. 

  • Curved Stairlifts - Curved stairlifts are another common type of stairlift, which follow the bend of your staircase. They can be installed to continue up multiple flights of stairs, or to cross any immediate landings. This makes them a more customisable option, and they can be adapted for multiple bends or curves. They are a little harder to install and create, but they are worth the investment! 

  • Other stairlifts - There are a range of other stairlifts out there, but straight and curved stairlifts are the most common options. You may come across modular stairlifts, which are suited to any kind of stairlift, or reconditioned stairlifts, which are repaired and restored so that they can be re-installed. 

Features Of Stairlifts: 

  • Some stairlifts run on mains electricity, while some run on rechargeable batteries, meaning you can get up and down the stairs even in the event of a power cut. 

  • Stairlifts often have safety belts to ensure the passenger doesn’t fall off.

  • Swivel seats can often rotate 45 or 90 degrees, allowing users to get on and off with ease. 

  • Foldaway designs can be simply folded, making them a convenient and non-invasive solution, allowing others to walk up the stairs with ease! 

  • Wireless remote controls are great for easy and convenient use of your stairlift. 

  • Directional paddle switches can also give you more, and complete control of the stair lift. 

Stairlift Alternatives

Stair lifts are an excellent option for your home, but before we dive into the benefits of stair lifts, it's important to look at some of your other options. If a stair lift isn't the right choice for your home, one of these alternatives could be perfect for you! 

Home Lifts

Having a lift installed in your home is a common alternative that many people go for. These lifts, or elevators, can be installed in your home wherever you need them, making it simple for individuals to move up and down stairs. 

With a home lift, you can afford to be more selective with where you install it, which is a huge advantage for some homes. However, home lifts can be an expensive, and pretty invasive choice. They are less discreet, but for those with wheelchairs or other mobility problems, they could be a better option. 

Bedroom Conversions 

For those who find it near impossible to get up and down the stairs, or are unable to operate a stairlift, a bedroom conversion can be the most practical solution. By converting a space downstairs into a bedroom, individuals will no longer have any need to travel up and down the stairs. This can be much more convenient for some people, and reduces the risk of falling or injury by a lot! Bedroom conversions are a popular and common option for many homes. 

Wheelchair Lifts

Similar to home elevators, wheelchair lifts are also an option that you can consider. They are slightly shorter, platform lifts which are the correct size for a wheelchair, giving wheelchair users easy access to both upstairs and downstairs areas. 

Benefits Of Stairlift Installation

There are many benefits to using stairlifts in your home, read below to learn more:

A women in her house sat on a stair lift


One of the primary concerns as we, and our loved ones get older, is safety. Stair lifts can provide a safe and effective way to travel up and down the stairs. We’ve already touched on some of the excellent safety features that stair lifts have, such as seat belts, swivel chairs and a steady travel speed. It is effective in preventing falls and other injuries, so if you’re concerned about safety, a stairlift can be a great solution. 

Affordable & Convenient 

Stairlifts are often the most affordable option, especially in comparison to bedroom conversions or home lifts. They are simple to install, and won’t break the bank, providing you with a simple and long-lasting solution! 

Help You Gain Independence 

Stairlifts give you back control of your mobility. Being able to operate the stair lift and travel up/down stairs as you please can help those with mobility issues regain control and independence. 

Short Or Long Term Solution

Stairlifts can provide you with a long, or a short-term solution for impaired mobility. Not only can they be permanently fitted, but rental stairlifts can be installed as a short term solution for an injury. Installation can be extremely flexible, giving you more choice and freedom with your stairlift. 

Simple To Use

More than anything, stairlifts are simple to use and navigate, making them a great option for any age. Whether you’ve sustained an injury, or an elderly relative is in need of a solution, stairlifts are easy to get the hang of, and are a great option for any home. 

Dolphin Mobility: Rental Stairlifts & More 

Stairlifts can change  your life for the better, making it nice and easy to get up and down the stairs, as well as protecting you from nasty falls and injuries. Here at Dolphin Mobility, we specialise in a range of home mobility solutions. From stairlifts to home lifts, we offer an excellent range of solutions to help you get around. Whether you’re looking for straight or curved stairlifts, rental stairlifts or brand new units, we’re here to help. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, Dolphin Mobility offers a seamless and professional installation service, with excellent mobility solutions. To find out more about our product range or how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with our team today. We will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your home.

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